Won´t I have more work for selling?

No, the software was developed to fill in all available modules with the least typing possible. For example, in a sales order,  the process starts with the quote fed into the module, and after that you´re able to place the sales order, issue the invoice, do accounts receivable, generate the bank slip and record all accountancy data.

What about sellers activities?

Your team can manage sales with full control of commissions and mobility through remote access. They can also check inventory, issue orders or quotes in the client’s premises.

Does the software has PCP?

The tool has modules for production order, planning and control. Functions are integrated to inventory and purchase departments.

Does the system generate service order?

Yes, it’s got a specific module to control service orders.

How does support work?

It depends on the chosen tool.

What regions does iGO serve?

Joinville and northeast of Santa Catarina.

What are the minimum requirements for this solution?

You need Internet connection of at least 10Mb/s.

Does it depend on infra-structure?

No, no additional equipment required.

Is it multi-user?


What areas does the solution cover?

Serialized transformation industries, commerce and technology companies.

What is controllership?

Controllership is the processes and analyses of accountancy and integrated taxing inside the ERP system.

Do I have to hire administrative processes, accountancy, software and advisory together?

No, you can hire them separately.

Can I face problems or knowledge conflicts about SPED, between the software house and my controllership?

There are no conflicts about iGO´s Intelligent Management, we work so that obligations like SPED are generated, verified and delivered acording to the law.

Does iGO meet the legal demands of SPED and NF-e?

Yes, and we guarantee all the changes that those obligations might have.